Editing old processbook displays from Coresight 2016 in PI Vision 2020?

Discussion created by W@d3 on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2020 by jyi

I recently upgraded from Coresight 2016 to PI Vision 2020, and I think it is great.


All my old Processbook displays that were on Coresight translated over without any issues.


However, if I wanted to edit some of my old displays in the the new PI Vision 2020, is there a way I can do that in the Browser?


The issue I have is that the old Processbook doesn't really seem to work on my newer Windows 10 computer, so I can't seem to edit my old displays that way.


I was hoping that PI Vision 2020 might let me just edit some of these old displays in the browser, and not just let me create new ones, but be able to edit my old ones as well.


any help is appreciated,

Thank you,

Wade Murphy