JDBC Driver - GetEASnap error  (Schema name 'connection' is invalid)

Discussion created by Luca.Campeti on Oct 19, 2020
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Hi all, 

I successfully (?) installed the JDBC Driver (PI JDBC Driver 1.7.19217.1) on my VM, but GetEASnap returns the following error when I try to connect to my AF (PI SQL Data Access Server (OLE DB) 2018 SP3, 1.7.192016.1) through my gateway server:


C:\Program Files\PIPC\JDBC\Samples\GetEASnap\bin>java GetEASnap


Enter Data Access Server name (required): <my_gateway_server>
Enter AF Server name (required): <my_AF_server>
Use trusted connection? [No]:
Do you have want to provide credentials via the log-in dialog? [No]:
Enter user name (required): <my_username>
Enter password (required):*********
Enter the port number for the connection [5461]:
Enter PI JDBC log level [0]:
Enter the catalog name [NuGreen]:
Enter the AF Element name [B-210]:



Data Access Server Name: <my_gateway_server>
PI AF Server Name: <my_AF_server>
Use trusted connection?: No
Use the log-in dialog for credentials?: No
User name: <my_username>
Password: *********
Port number: 5461
Log level: 0
Catalog name: NuGreen
AF Element name: B-210


PI JDBC Driver 1.7.19217.1.
PI SQL Data Access Server (OLE DB) 2018 SP3, 1.7.19206.1
java.sql.SQLException: [PIOLEDBENT] [SQL Analyzer] [Line 1:26] Schema name 'connection' is invalid. (DB_E_ERRORSINCOMMAND)


Could you please help me to solve this blocking issue?


Thank you in advance.




PS: please find as attachment the Level 5 error log