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Why the start button of an interface service is not enabled?

Question asked by OmarSánchez on Oct 19, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2020 by OmarSánchez

Hello everyone, 

I am Omar Sánchez, I am getting used to the Administrator PI environment and I have some questions regarding my Administrator course for enabling and configuring a PI Buffer Subsystem. I mean, I am aware that it is a minor topic, because it is just a course, but I am interested in knowing exactly what could happen related to the activation of the couple of buttons to start and stop the interface service. It can be useful in a close-future. 

So, as you can see below, the picture is showing us how the user cannot run the interface service after pressing the button "View current PI Message log continuously". 

Any idea about why is not possible to run the interface service and start collecting data from the source which is our OPC server and transfer it to the PI buffer subsystem? 


Thank you in advance everyone, 




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