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PI OPC DA/HDA Server data into DeltaV graphics

Question asked by JulienA on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2020 by JulienA

Hello everybody,


One site we have several ICSS.

All are historized into a central PI server.

The main ICSS is an Emerson DeltaV.

I would like to exposed into the Emerson DeltaV graphics several process information from the other ICSS.

For that we install PI OPC DA/HDA Server into the Front end server of the Emerson DeltaV ICSS.

Now i am able to browse and read value from every tags into the PI server through small utility such as Emerson OPCWatchit.


The next step is to exposed those tags value into the deltav graphics.

The deltaV version is 13.3.1 (so relying on the old ifix solution)

I was not able to add the PI OPC DA server through Data Server Installer as there are on "deltaV" OPC server types


So I go through regedit as proposed in the DeltaV Picture help and I think I correctly add the PI OPC DA server

I am just not sure about the OpcAccessPath?! :-| ... with or without it's not working.

Then the server seems available for DeltaV Operate (I was not able to add through this software 


However that's not working :-[ (see attached GIF)


Anyone to help me?