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What is being migrated from current PI Square to the new one?

Discussion created by Jarita Sirois on Oct 22, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2020 by dperrow

Answer: Almost everything! 


What is being migrated?  

  • Discussions, Questions, and Blogs - Tens of thousands of discussions and posts are currently being migrated from the current PI Square community to the new one. Like in all moves, we will be purging some clutter that is no longer valuable and streamlining the interface. 
  • User accounts - Anyone who has created an account or been active since 2018 will have their user accounts migrated. If you haven't been to PI Square in the last three years, you can create a new account.  Any reputation points you earned on today's PI Square will be coming with you, so don't worry about losing your status However, we are sorry to say that some older badges earned will not be migrated from the old platform, but you have an opportunity to earn new ones. 
  • Main Spaces – The three general spaces you are used to seeing on PI Square today will now be 'Topics' All Things PI, PI for Developers, and Learning Forums.    
  • Groups – Many industry groups will be migrated to the new platform in time for go live. Some special interest and localized groups are slated to go live shortly after, so stay tuned!