Customizing the Enhance Event Frame table.

Discussion created by on Oct 19, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2020 by aleciviero

We have extended and replaced the OSI version of the Enhanced Event Frame Table in PI Vision.  We are currently overwriting the OSIsoft code, replacing PIVisualization.sym-table.js with our version.

We were planning to change this and add a new tool pane that calls our version(We will be changing things like the name and icon):


If I create an enhanced tool and give it a  different type name:


It places the two instances in PV.symbolCatalog.defs, and I can call mine or OSIsofts:



However if I give both the same typeName, our custom code replaces the OSI code at runtime, effectively overloading the OSI version, without touching any OSI code:




Is this the default behavior?  If I create a custom control with the same typeName as an OSI control will my code always replace OSIs code a run time?