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Is there a way to get summary view of products and their release dates like what was on the old Product Roadmap page?

Question asked by Hoa.Tram on Oct 23, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2020 by Kenneth_Barber

I was reviewing one of OSI's newsletter articles published earlier this year with a colleague.  It said:


"On April 14th, OSIsoft released several patches and PI System component upgrades that are available for download now. The focus of these releases is to improve the reliability and security of our products. In addition to bug fixes, these releases contain security enhancements to:  ..."


That's all well and good, but when I went to the OSI website to check which products contained those bug fixes, and which needed to be updated, I had a lot of trouble getting to that information.  The list of downloads I could find gives me version numbers, but no release dates.  



The only way I could get the release dates was to go through each product one by one and look at their release notes, which is a quite a headache if you've got a very long list of products to go through.


Does anyone know of a place where I can go and see OSI's timeline of product releases at least for the past year or so up to the present?  This is irrespective of its decision whether or not to publish its plans for future releases; I would just like to see the history of the most recent releases to date.  


As an OEM (and I suspect it's true for most customers), it's just not practical for us to incorporate each new OSI release as it comes out.  We need to run through our own internal certification process before anything can be sent out to our customers, and certainly before going into production.  With only rare exceptions for critical security issues, retesting and certification is only practically done during pre-scheduled windows within our release cycle.  So it would be helpful to have access to a page that lets us see right away what's been released by OSI since our last refresh of its bits.