ActiveView WebPart (.pdi files with VBA) : IE9 seems to store in cache

Discussion created by ericL on Jan 4, 2013
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I have .pdi files deployed in SharePoint in an ActiveView WebPart; I am using VBA code in my display.


In terms of loading the .aspx page, we are using two querystring parameters, file (path to the file in the document library) and path (element context path in AF).




It loads properly, and displays a textbox for example.


Now I go to the .pdi file in PI ProcesBook desktop application and I take out the msgbox code. I reupload a new .pdi file in the document library.




I reload my .aspx page and the textbox is still there.




It seems like there's something in cache. I have the checkbox "Delete browser history on exit" in Internet Options checked.




Any help would be much appreciated.




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