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How to choose between PI Interface and PI Connector

Question asked by BlueStar on Oct 30, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2020 by BlueStar

How to choose between PI Interface and PI Connector? We have the following requirements and I would like to get your recommendations:

1. Company need to receive data from a number of customers which use different data historians such OSISoft PI archive, OSISoft PI AF, IP21 (ODBC connection), mPro(ODBC connetion) etc.

2. Data collected from each customer is very different from each other and can varies each time for the same customer

3. Be able to auto create PI tags as data coming in.

4. Be able to control data frequency. For example, if data from source side is updated by minute, the target system should be able to change frequency to receive data once every hour or receive all the data from source.


Given the requirements above, which one should we use? PI Interface or PI Connector? Which version of PI Connector should we choose? By reading the document, it seems that 2rd generation of PI Connector is overkill. What's the Pros and Cons for PI Interface and PI Connector?