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PI Notifications enabled but not running

Question asked by iain_duthie_enquest on Oct 29, 2020

Good Afternoon,


I recently came across an issue when importing a PI AF database xml file. I created an AF database on a test environment and there were some PI Notification set up as part of that and everything ran fine in that environment.


When it came time to move the AF database to the production environment I exported it from the test environment to an xml file and I then imported that file into the production environment. I checked all of the templates, attributes, analyses and notifications and all were correct and running.


Later we noticed that the notifications were not being sent and when we checked the the production system we found that the notifications were no longer running but were in an enabled state and we were unable to get them running again. A colleague of mine advised that this can happen when the export\import functionality is used. We removed the AF element and carried out a copy and paste of the element from test to production and that worked and the notifications are still running fine.


Is there any reason why when using the export/import functionality there would be issues with the status of PI Notifications?