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Community Moderation Team Grows!

Discussion created by Jarita Sirois on Nov 3, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2020 by avanfosson

As part of the new community face, you will be seeing new people participating in managing this community! 


Darragh Perrow - Darragh has been with OSIsoft for 17 years and focused her career here at OSIsoft on Knowledge management in Support and now here in the Community! I'm so excited  to see her take this community management role and grow the community even more! Darragh is based in our HQ office in California.  


Alex VanFosson - Alex has been with OSIsoft for 7 years and has led our Knowledge team to help customers and partners find content and get the help they need. Alex is based in our Tennessee office.


Karim Atchan - Karim has been with OSIsoft for 9 years and has been part of the Knowledge team for the last 6 of those years, in technical support before that. Helping you find what you need is a passion for him. Karim is based in our Montreal office. 


While I (Jarita Sirois) am leaving the community manager role, I'm not leaving the community completely - I'm very excited to have the time to focus on our industry and market groups and help build up the content you can find there! You will definitely still see me around the community and at most of our events! 


Let us know what questions you have!