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PI UFL Question

Question asked by Dean.Bianchi on Nov 2, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2020 by Dean.Bianchi

I have created numerous UFL interfaces but this one is causing me some grief.

We have a csv file - example as follows:




The file will be dynamic with a maximum of around 100 rows.

I want to write the last value in each row to a different tag with the second value used as a tag identifier.


the first row, the value of 6783 would be written to a tag "Generator721_RunHours"

the second row, the value of 15023 would be written to a tag "Generator595_RunHours"

The timestamp is being pulled from the filename.


I'm not having any problem with the file being read properly but no data is being written into the tags.

There is nothing in the logs to even suggest that it is attempting to write that values so i am wondering whether i am doing something wrong (i.e should i be writing some sort of loop) or if what i am trying to do is not possible.


Also attached is the ini file


Appreciate any help.