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Using an Element as an Attribute in another Element

Question asked by DanBrancaccio on Nov 3, 2020

Trying to use this question in search criteria returns everything BUT an answer or even a reference. So here is the question: When creating an element template, it is fairly straight forward to create an attribute with one of the standard data types. But you can also use the Value Type drop down to select Object, then one of the choices is Element. Once the template is saved you can then create a new element from the element template. How do you then set the attribute to an element? In the specific case I have an element template called Line, the line has some standard attributes like Nominal Voltage, Length, etc. But I also created an attribute called Station From and Station To. These are Substations which already exist in the element hierarchy. How do I set the Substation From attribute in Line XtoZ to the Substation X Element?