Error using Table Lookup Attribute in AF with variable from up the element tree (..\..\)

Discussion created by RyanCarpenterAd on Nov 4, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2020 by Asle Frantzen

Current problem: I am trying to map an integer alarm value to string reason code in AF using a table look-up attribute.  I have created a table that relates these strings by  SYSTEM (table) -> Asset Code (static string attribute on current element), and ORG (table) -> Organization Code (static string attribute on grandparent element).


Current lookup code:


SELECT STATUS FROM AlarmLookup WHERE VALUE = @[Alarm 1] AND SYSTEM = @[Asset Code] AND ALARMNO = 1 AND ORG = %..\..\|[Organization Code]% ORDER BY STATUS;RWN=Alarm not coded


Error message:


DataTable.Select(VALUE = 0 AND SYSTEM = 'NB_Mixer' AND ALARMNO = 1 AND ORG = %..\..\|[Organization Code]%) has thrown an exception: Syntax error: Missing operand before 'Mod' operator.


This seems to work fine when I omit the ORG lookup, but this attribute is needed for future scalability.


More background - I have tried solving this mapping issue in many other ways and run into dead ends with each:

1) Apply map in Pi SMT with digital states - Alarms are direct extraction from a PLC where their programming standard is to store a single alarm into each bit of a DINT32.  This results in a discontinuous digital state map with mostly empty data that is too large to manage since this system prefers appears to prefer format [0='no alarm', 1='Alarm 1', 2=null...65536='Alarm 16'...] instead of [0='no alarm', 1='Alarm 1', 65536='Alarm 16'...]

2) We are looking to compress this binary representation to a compressed integer to make this easier, but have no access to make such a change to our PLC's at the moment due to COVID restrictions.

3) I tried creating enumeration sets for each alarm set - but AF will not allow application of a different enumeration set to different assets using the same template.