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RtReports. How to link Y-axis scale of a Trend to Database settings?

Question asked by OmarSánchez on Nov 9, 2020

Hello OSIsoft members, 


My name is Omar Sánchez. I have recently started with RtReports and I would like to ask you for the next question: what is the process to link a Trend Y-Axis scale to the database settings in RtReports, that is, Zero and Span? 


I was researching and I found that the key option is to find a Journal Action Edit window. 

Once there, look for the window "PI Trend control properties". 


However, my main question is how to access to these mentioned properties? I mean, I understand that I need to access to "Data Template" and look for the correspoinding parameter. However, I am familiar with PI Vision , and in this tool, I have to select the PI point or AF Attribute and look for "database settings". Nevertheless, in RtReports I could not find any place to find the proper PI Point, and change its properties. 


Would you mind to help me to solve this issue?

Thank you very much for your time.