Problem: Different values stored at exact same time for several points

Discussion created by morten.staalesen on Jan 8, 2013
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First of, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong subforum.


We have noticed the following for our system where real time data is decoded (By our software) and stored into PI Server 2010 R2:
There seem to be several points that have different values at the exact same timestamp (e.g: 1/9/2013 14:42:10.4311). The problem
is for both BOOL values (Where TRUE and FALSE are both stored at the same timestamp/time) and REAL values. (e.g 18 and 3 
for the same timestamp/time)


Any ideas as to what the root cause of this could be?


Should it even be possible to store two values at the exact same time?


Could this be caused by replication? We are replicating the data from one PI server to another.




It could of course also be caused by the software that we have developed, we are also looking into that at this time. We would just like to get
some fresh "eyes" on the problem.