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How to calculate Daily Total of a Counter that hits zero several times a day

Question asked by jbravo on Nov 10, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2020 by bbregenzer

Hello, my case should be quite common, but I can't find the method, although I believe should be quite simple.

I have a Bagging line with a Bag counter (TagCounter) that, for every new Product Batch increases from 0 to a certain value.

When Batch ID changes (TagBatch), it starts from zero again.


At the end of the day (6am- 6am) I want to calculate in PIAF Analysis the total number of bags packed and store in a DailyProdTag.

I can also count the number of bags packed by BatchID and then summarize all.



TagTot() is not useful...



Any proven method from the expert community ?


Many Thanks!