PI Connector for OPC UA Qns

Discussion created by VuTruong on Nov 11, 2020
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I just managed to successfully deploy PI connector for OPC UA, PI Connector Relay and PI Data Collection on my dev environment and I have to say I'm really impressed with how easy it is to use.


There are a few points I would like to ask out of curiosity:


1. A PI Point created for OPC UA does not contain NodeID (or the 'equivalent' of instrumenttag in a PI Point for OPC DA). As far as I know, all the other PI Point attributes do not matter either, I could just change any attribute and the PI Point will still collect data from the correct "Node item" in the OPC UA server. How is it possible? Does the OPC UA PI Point actually store the NodeID and hide it behind the scene?


2. Documentation for PI Connector for OPC UA v2.0 says it doesn't support connector-level Failover, but I heard that previous version did support this feature. Why was this feature removed from 2.0? My customer would like to try switching to OPC UA for their new site, but they are concerned that connector-level failover is not supported. Is there any suggested workaround for this?


3. With Data Collection Manager, I guess we will never need to touch PI Builder to create new PI Point again (at least for OPC UA)? The typical approach will be browsing the data source, select new UA objects, and auto-create on PI DA/AF?


Hope you can help me with above questions.


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