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Analysis Points going to Shutdown

Question asked by aewan on Nov 13, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2020 by sraposo

Buongiorno PI Square,


I have some AF Analyses that run fine for a time and then they show Shutdown and the Analysis shows some warnings, but does not continue to run and update values.  If I use Evaluate, it evaluates correctly.  If I stop and start the analysis, then it works fine again for some time (days or weeks) until this Shutdown event happens again.  


Correct me if my understanding is incorrect: Shutdown refers to the Shutdown property of the PI Points, and this puts the digital state value of Shutdown in when there is a shutdown of the PI Data Archive Server.  Maybe I should just turn off this parameter on these PI Points?


Some particulars - AF Server version  Data Archive on the same server.

The Analyses are all running on Event-Triggered on Any Input (usually a handful of pi points).

The error I am seeing is Failed to signup some input(s) for receiving updates. [10061] No Connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.  


I see this post No output attributes in AF test server  which Sebastien Raposo provides some explanation of the reasons for these errors.

What does this mean if the Data Archive and the AF are on the same server?


Thank you all very much,