PI UFL Interface error "Undefined PI Point"

Discussion created by Cravinho on Nov 17, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2020 by Jerome Lefebvre

Hello to all.

I am currently having issues while trying to import some data, using PI UFL, into some pre-defined and pre-created PI Points. These were created using PI Builder and, as in below, they exist. I have looked into the PI Points settings and they also allow to "Write" and "Read".


The issue I am facing is that whenever I run the Interface with the .ini file that I designed (attached to this post) the error message that appears in the logs is, as seen below, "Undefined PI point". But, as you can see from the print screen above, the PI Points does exist.

I double checked if the name I attributed to the PI Tag in the .ini file was correct or if there was any mismatch, but the same issue continues. I am out of ideas how to deal with this issue.

I am running the Interface in the Virtual Machine (VM) server which means that I have also admin privileges. This is not the issue, probably.

Does anyone have an idea of what the real issue here might be?


Thank you so much in advance,

Best regards,

Joao Santos