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PCS7 PI Connector Clarification

Question asked by GiriTakeda on Nov 18, 2020



  We are upgrading the PI servers from 2012 to 2018 Version so we are provisioning all new VM' according to our systems. Can you please suggest what way we can proceed?


Current PI Connection flow : Siemens PCS7 (OS)-> Open PCS7 OPC DA Server ->PI Connect OPC+ - > PI Server.


This way we are connecting and it sends data to PIMS.


   1. We are planning to upgrade to PCS7 UA Server with the PI Connector for OPC UA. But the current usage based on our architecture kindly suggest whether we can go with UA or DA. 


      - PI Points we will use the same as per current one. So we are planning to map the OPC UA Node id with the existing tag. 

      - We will use the own custom AF Structure and elements so no auto creation from OPC UA for PI AF. 

      - Recent version has no failover at connector level so incase of failure between the OPC UA Server to PI Connector what will be the recovery option after PI Connector connects. 


     Based on this can you suggest which way we can move further. If DA means whether we can go with OSI Soft PI connector or Siemens PI Connect . Kindly suggest please. 


       - We are having three redundant pair of OPC servers and in that multiple OS servers are connected. Example if one OPC server connected with 2 OS stations and incase of one OS failure then it will be automatically switch to the other active one, if yes then how the connector will switch over ? 


   Based on your suggestions i will ask my questions if any. If we are proposing UA then this will be our structure. In the Interface we will be connecting few more OPC Servers as well from other two areas and those also have a four OS stations.