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"Create or update PI Point" is not creating PI Point

Question asked by polspaul on Nov 16, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2020 by polspaul

Hello PI experts!

I have an odd case where I have two PI AF elements based on the same template, and for some reason for one element the PI Point creation works and for the other PI element it doesn't. When I try to hit "Create or update PI Point" on the PI attribute it tells me that the PI Point creation was successful, however nothing is happening when I confirm the dialog. I can do that several times and no PI Point will be created although stating the operation is successful.


These are the config strings for the PI Point creation (the only difference in those configs is the Node ID in the OID:
This one is working fine (PI Point is created):
\\%Server%\RACK.AZ07_PDU_RED1-121113.inputWatts;ReadOnly=False;ptclassname=classic;engunits=W;pointtype=Int32;descriptor=RACK.AZ07_PDU_RED1-121113 inputWatts;exdesc="OID=.;CS=private";instrumenttag="HOST=";location1=1;location4=2;PointSource=SNMP;convers=1


This one says PI Point creation successful but there is no PI Point still:

\\%Server%\RACK.AZ07_PDU_BLUE1-121112.inputWatts;ReadOnly=False;ptclassname=classic;engunits=W;pointtype=Int32;descriptor=RACK.AZ07_PDU_BLUE1-121112 inputWatts;exdesc="OID=.;CS=private";instrumenttag="HOST=";location1=1;location4=2;PointSource=SNMP;convers=1



Do you have any suggestions how I could troubleshoot that or if there are any logfiles or diagnostics to identify why it says the PI Point was created but in fact it wasn't?


Thank you very much for your help!