How to get/Update compressed values  for a tagname using SDK

Discussion created by sovain on Jan 9, 2013
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Hi All,


Probably my question look simple but it is better to ask.


I need to get some PI values/time  in a date range by(NOT interpolated) Tag name predefined using PI SDK.  


After that, make some calculations ov values and update these values on PI (without changing original date/time).


I could find many options to get it in AF, but I am using direct Tagname.


It seems that something like below is not my case:

myServer = g_SDK.Servers[textBox1.Text];
myPoints = myServer.PIPoints;
snapPoint = myPoints[textBox2.Text];
myValue = snapPoint.Data.Snapshot;

 Could somebody give an idea of where to investigate (a sample in C# would be just perfect) ?


I see there is some methods:


snapPoint.Data.TimedValues  -    snapPoint.Data.UpdateValues


But I am not sure if these I have to use.


Thank you