Pointing an OPC interface to a new PI Host server

Discussion created by gkrueger on Jan 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by Ahmad Fattahi

Is there an easy way to change the PI host server that an interface is connected to?  I have 10 OPC interfaces instances that currently are sending data to our development PI server for testing.  When testing is done, I'd like to have them send their data to our production server instead.  I've got the tag configuration moved onto the production server using the same Point sources.  I was expecting to be able to just go into PI ICU, stop the interface instance, change the server in the PI Host Server/Collective drop down box in ICU, restart the interface and then be up and running with the interface getting the config. info from the prod. server.  But when I went to try this, I found that the Server/Collective box is grayed out ICU and I've got buffering enabled and poked around there and it doesn't look like I can buffer to two independent servers at the same time, so I might need to disable buffering while I'm in transition.


If anyone has tips on best way to do this, I'd appreciate it.  I think worst case I have to just reconfigure the interfaces from scratch pointing to the new server, they only took a few minutes to do anyway so that's not a huge deal...just was curious if there is a quicker, more elegant way to do this.