Ahmad Fattahi

"BIG DATA"; reality or hype?

Discussion created by Ahmad Fattahi Employee on Jan 10, 2013
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As I was reading this article in Forbes, it made me ponder what our PI Users Community thinks about the topic. What's Big Data to you? Does it carry a very specific connotation?


PI Server has been around for 3 decades. Back then the size of datasets was several orders of magnitude smaller than today. However, the same can be true for today's datasets compared with those of a decade from now. What is it today that we coin the phrase Big Data? Is it not just smarter ways of handling -collecting, historizing, analyzing, visualizing, cleansing, detecting- whatever data we have? I know some mention volume, frequency, or heterogeneity of data as litmus tests for Big Data; however, such factors have always been evolving and getting more and more complex and copious.


We use our PI Systems, along with other data infrastructures, to create a smart and effective "digital nervous system" for the world. This has to be accomplished regardless of the evolution of the data sources around us. That's the bottomline, no matter if we call it Big Data or not.


What do you think?