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Hi everyone,


has anyone expierience with limits and Osisoft PI (AF,EF,...)


Usually someone has for the values we all record in PI some kind of limits.
- this limits maybe change depending on the productiontype,...
- for one value we typicall a setpoint, high limit, high high,....
- this limits also can change (not very often - but still)


- limits are not only a PCS / DCS Task but also for more process information as a whole...


What options are there to combine this with Osisoft PI and it's tools.


When you store this limit's in tags you run in a couple of problems
- when you have for example 100 Tags * 5 (for setpoint,high,...) * 3  Production lines * 3 Production Types = 4500 Tags,
- what you maybe typically do is that you have one tag (which holds the active value - with a performance equation behind which points depending on the production type to the right "base limit".


Storing it in AF
- how do you architecture the whole thing
- do have you value as an attribute (and the setpoint, limits,... as a child attribute)
- do you use one element per value and just the limits are further attributes (with this you can create attribute template and maybe reuse limit calculations)
- but with this the whole "template concept (template site, template area,....) doesn't really work)


Storing it in Event Frames
- one eventframe is one recipe,...


How you visualize the limits best ?
- when you wan't to display the value and the limit's in processbook you have the option to display it in SQC (which then is a pain in the ass to really analyze data) or use a "common" trend (where it also is a pain to get the colors right (setpoint green, limits red,...  and you have a lot of useless information because of the description below and the values on the right.



- coresight the same


- datalink the same.


Integration with notification?
- this is maybe the easiest,... if you have solved the other ones,..


Some inputs
- Best Practice,...
- a PI System which supports limits by hearts would be nice