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    VBA for Playback Toolbar


      Is there a way to control the Playback Toolbar commands with VBA code?


      I would like to set/get all of the Options parameters, Play, Pause, etc.


      I couldn't find anything related to this matter in the PI ProcessBook VBA Language Reference.

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          Bernard, the Playback Toolbar is an add-in. Unlike the build in toolbars you cannot access the buttons and simulate a key press like in this thread.

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              If all you are looking to do is to change the configuration parameters, they are stored in the %APPDATA%\PISYSTEM\PI-ProcessBook folder in a file called OSIosft.Toolbars.Playback.dll.config .  This file will be empty if you have not gone into the Playback options for the current user, but here's what the v3.3 file looks like with all defaults:






                   <PLAYBACKSTART><![CDATA[1/14/2013 12:00:00 AM]]></PLAYBACKSTART>


                   <PLAYBACKENDED><![CDATA[1/15/2013 4:00:00 PM]]></PLAYBACKENDED>






                   <DRANGE0><![CDATA[*-8 Hour]]></DRANGE0>


                   <DRANGE1><![CDATA[*-1 Hour]]></DRANGE1>


                   <DRANGE2><![CDATA[*-4 Hour]]></DRANGE2>


                   <DRANGE3><![CDATA[*-1 Day]]></DRANGE3>


                   <DRANGE4><![CDATA[*-7 Day]]></DRANGE4>
















              This file must be edited while PB is NOT running and should only be altered by advanced users at their own risk ...