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Discussion created by AlistairFrith on Jan 17, 2013
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We are playing with coresight in an attempt to fully understand its abilities and one of the things we are trying to do is to see how viable it is as an alternative to Processbook and PIWebParts. To this end, we are trying to produce a Coresight equivalent to a system we produced in ProcessBook / ActiveView for a customer a few years ago.


Here is a brief overview of the system we developed:




The customer has many sites, each of which monitors a subset of around 20 KPIs (all calculated by ACE from lots of raw plant measurements and stored in PI). Each KPI has the following tags:

  • The basic value 
  • a severity indicating how far into KPI's Green, Amber or Red regions that KPI value is. The regions are defined per KPI and per site. The severity ranges from 0 (bang on the target value) through to 3 (at or beyond the far edge of the red)

Each site also has summary information tags:

  • The number of KPIs that are in Red, Amber and Green states  at the site
  • A 'weighted total' calculated by <KPI Severity> * <KPI Weighting> * <Site Weighting>
  • Position of the site's wighted total within a league table of all the sites

Each KPI has summary information tags:

  • The average value across all the sites
  • The smallest value across all sites
  • The largest value across all sites 
  • Numbers of sites in Red, Amber and Green for the KPI

We effectvely have 3 main PB displays that we would like to produce equivelants of in Coresight:

  • A Site Detail Display showing every KPI at a single site. Each kpi is a row showing:
    • <KPI Name> <mini-trend> <Value in a horizontal bar with thresholds indicated> <Severity in a multistate value>
  • A KPI Detail Display showing a single KPI across multiple sites. Each site is a row showing:
    • <SiteName> <mini-trend> <Value in a horizontal bar with thresholds indicated> <Severity in a multistate value>
  • A Summary display showing two tables:
    • A KPI Summary with each row showing summary information for a single KPI:
      • <KPI Name> <bar showing average, min and max and marked with thresholds> <Values showing number of sites in Red/Amber/Green>
    • A Site Summary with each row showing summary information for a single Site:
      • <Site Name> <Values showing number of KPIS in Red/Amber/Green> <Values showing Weighted Total and League Position>

Clicking on a site name or a kpi name anywhere would take the user to the Site or KPI Detail Display and there was an 'up' button going back to the Summary display. There was lots of VBA behind the interactive elements of these displays, for example each of these tables was sortable so clicking on a table column header would sort the table by that column. The sorting would be dynamic so it would re-sort in the Display_DataUpdate() handler.




Since this is all tables, values and bars, and all very 'unitised', we thought Coresight might do this quite well and look much fresher than the dated Processbook displays we had. Sadly, we have encountered what we believe to be several shortcomings of Coresight.

  1. Coresight tables will show information from a single AF attribute on each line, we needed several attributes: a name, a PI tag in a horisontal bar and several other PI Tags as simple values. Are there any plans to make generic 'container' tables in Coresight, to which multiple attributes can be added and individually configured so each table row can show individual attributes of a different asset?
  2. The Coresight visual elements take up too much screen space: Bars and Values have headers that are not needed and distract from the actual data. Are there plans to allow significant customisation of these elements?
  3. None of the coresight visual elements can be 'multi-state'. Are there plans to implement this?
  4. The coresight elements are all fixed aspect-ratio. Are there plans to allow changing the width or height of element? Longer site or KPI names appear in a smaller font instead of stretching the 'column' that the element is in.
  5. Coresight will stretch or shrink elements to ensure that they all fit on the screen. Are there plans to change this? With 20 KPIs, the elements ended up so small that none of the values could be seen! If point '1' is implemented then table-sorting would allow the most important sites/KPIs to always be visible.
  6. It is not possible to place anything next to a table or a trend, only above or below it. Will this be changed?

Having said all that, Coresight is very pretty and does look promising. It might be great for ad-hoc investigations but I just don't think it is flexible and adaptable enough yet to actually produce a usable system of displays.


--- Alistair.