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    What is PI Web Services?


      I've been struggling for a while now trying to come up with a way to provide folks with a web-based display of PI data, and other than the limited WebParts solution, I haven't been able to find anything. I was almost considering using GE Proficy Portal and then pulling data into there from PI. However, today I was browsing the discussion hall and stumbled across this area on "PI Web Services".


      Is this the dream product that I've been hoping for? The OSI Soft website has no mention of this under its Products  and Services, there's nothing in the "Learn the PI System" on it either. Where can I go to just learn about PI Web Services?

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          Ahmad Fattahi



          PI Web Services provides SOAP-based access to PI System data. This can be very useful for visualization and integration with business systems through web queries. Please see this page for general product definitions and user manuals. Also, there are a few training videos in vCampus Training Center (under Data Access on the right hand side of the page). In the same Training Center, there is material for PI Application Development course that details working with PI Web Services, among other things. And finally, there are vCampus discussion forums at your services for your questions.