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    Interfacing PI with Invensys Pro-II


      Does anyone know how to integrate PI with Invensys PRO-II simulation software? Do we have manuals or standard procedures for the same?

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          Unless someone in the community has more direct experience with the product, I am going to provide some rather general information. Some packages of Invensys PRO/II provide OPC Server capabilities. In that case you would be able to use PI OPC Interface to bridge the gap in the context of what OPC offer.


          In another direction, there are different add-on packages to basic PRO/II for integration purposes. So you might want to know what is available in what you have. On the PI System side, on top of PI OPC Interface there is this whole Data Access suite at your disposal. It includes PI System SDK, PI OLEDB and PI OLEDB Enterprise for SQL type data access as well as PI Web Services for web queries.