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    Aspentech InfoPlus.21 interface


      Does OSISoft have an interface for InfoPlus21 which supports both numerical and text value exchange? CIMIO only supports numeric values.

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          Roger Palmen

          Checking the techsupport site:


          The IP21 Com connector from OSIsoft supports numerical and string point types (COM Connector for AspenTech IP.21 and Setcim; Version


          The IP21 interface from OSIsoft supports numerical and string point types (AspenTech CIM-IO Client; Version


          Without specific knowledge on IP21 / CIMIO i would say 'it should be able to support'...

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              Dear Roger,


              We are trying to explore the connection to IP 21 using its OPC server and (potentially) the PI OPC Interface.  The problem is that, during our testing,  it seems that we are not able to explore the OPC server's tags along with their real time values.  We seem to be able to read other IP 21 system parameters, but not realtime values, as if they are not exposed to the OPC server.  Do you have any ideas?  Thank you!