Processbook Button Controls and AF Navigation

Discussion created by santiago_pet on Jan 25, 2013
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I have 2 Process book displays (PDI's).


- One PDI ('office.PDI') contains a camera view of an office with computer equipment in it. Each equipment has a button control labeled '"detail" under each.
- The 2nd PDI is a single detailed page ('equipment_detail.pdi) which contains information like name, make, model, price, location..etc. This PDI is AF driven with an AF list (containing all the equipement) exposed.


The idea is to have the person click on the button on the global.pdi and take them to the 'equipment_details.pdi' with information for that equipment pre-populated in the display. From there the user can toggle back to the 'office.pdi' or select other equipment from the AF menu for viewing.


I'm thinking that this would require VB coding for the button to pass AF parameters to the 'equipment_details.pdi' to prepopulate it. I guess my question is if there is an example where I can pass an AF string (via an _onClick function) to my AF driven pdi and have that information appear pre-populated. This would save on the user have to 'fish' for equipment through a huge AF tree when clicking on an image (or button) in the preceding PDI could essentially guide them to particular element or attribute in the tree.