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    PI Web Services with Windows Phone


      Hi, All, 




      Anyone succeeded in coding on Windows Phone with PI Web Services? 


      My previous experience wIth client or web applications is that after adding a service reference, creating an instance of the proxy and setting its AllowedImpersonationLevel to Delegation is quite enough. 


      With Windows Phone SDK 8, however, trying to instancing a proxy just leads to exception. Also, ClientCredentials.Windows is not supported, but only ClientCredentials.UserName. 


      Do I need some extra setting on client and/or server side? Thanks in advance! 




      Best regards, 



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          Lonnie Bowling

          Hi David,


          I have worked windows phone 7, but not 8 so I can't directly help.  Maybe if you give us a bit more information we could figure it out together.  What kind of binding are you using to connect to PI Web Services.  What is the exception message your are seeing.  I know that a lot has changed so I'm not surprised that you might be having issues.  With WP7 you can only bind using basicHTTP, similar to silverlight.  I think that is still the case with WP8 from what I just checked doing a google search.  Anyway, posting more details will help, along with any source code you want to share.  I can also try a test project to see if I get the same message.