PI Datalink 2013 and tag Search Excel Plugin

Discussion created by wpurrer on Jan 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by mziegler

Dear all,


With Datalink 2013, Osisoft changed the Search functionality. (to the new AF,.. integrated search ).  This search functionality for the moment lacks of certain features (which the old search has - for example combination for descr. and tag search).


From my point of view i have a problem, we need some functionality of the new one, but providing users an "upgrades" which doesn't have features anymore which the fullfill their needs  is a huge "user acceptance problem", now I think about alternatives:

- Has someone created for example an excel plugin (or maybe some easier way) to integrated the old Tag Search (doesn't not need to have the horizontal or vertical functionality).
- So we can use this intermediate solution until the new search has at least the same functionalty as the old search...