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Hackathons before or after VCL13 - that's the question!

Discussion created by Ahmad Fattahi Employee on Jan 28, 2013
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We had two Hackathons on Day 0 before the main days of vCampus Live! 2012. It was a great success and so many of you participated and generated ideas. Here is a question for everyone: would you like to see the Hackathons happen on the day before or after the main conference days around vCampus Live! 2013?

  • Before: It would be nice to announce the winners during the event and also showcase what they have made.
  • After: We can potentially include some of what we introduce and learn during the main event (i.e. the latest and greatest) in the Hackathons; so it might lead to a richer technology event.

Let's discuss the two options here. Let everyone know your preference as we are planning the event already.