Reactive Extensions (Rx) for the PI System - samples posted

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As mentioned in an earlier post by J, Microsoft StreamInsight 2.1 provides tighter integration with the Microsoft Reactive Extensions (Rx).


The Reactive Extensions implement .NET interfaces that allow you to consume new events as they occur - without having to query for them - and publish events - without having to manage how the data gets to the destination.


Today we posted samples of these interfaces to the download center in the extras category: OSIsoft PI Reactive Sample


Included along with documentation in the samples are a set of  Visual Studio projects:


- implement the .NET interfaces Observer and Observable


- examples of how to use the interfaces to read and write data to the PI System


- helper methods to get data into and out of Microsoft StreamInsight


- examples of how to use the helper methods to stream data from the PI System to and from Microsoft StreamInsight.


Note: You don't need Microsoft StreamInsight to run the examples that read/write data to PI only.




If you are using PI for StreamInsight today - we'd like to hear from you - we suggest checking out these samples, which:


- Provide a way to stream PI events to Microsoft StreamInsight without using PI for StreamInsight


- implements the Reactive Extensions design pattern that Microsoft now fully supports and recommends for use with Microsoft StreamInsight




For more information about the Reactive Extensions there is an introduction on the  Data Developer Center on msdn