Proficy Historian backfill - to - PI

Discussion created by BlairW on Jan 31, 2013
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We have a client who is moving from Proficy to PI-2012. Everything PI-related has been setup and is running correctly. However, we need to extract a significant amount of data from Proficy and import this into PI. In terms of data quantity we are talking about 4500 - 5000 tags with data that spans from as far back as 2002 up untill now. 


The client has provided us with a spreadsheet that contains Proficy tags and their corresponding PI tags. We have created a spreadsheet that uses the Proficy SDK and the PI SDK to export data from Proficy and insert it into PI. We have also created a small .NET application that does the same thing. The main issue that we have is that both applications run extremely slow! At the current rate of processing it will take about a month for all of the data to be pulled across into PI.


From what we can see, there are two significant bottlenecks:


1: When we query the Proficy data (we are querying a month at a time - but we have played around with different time ranges).


2: When looping through all of the Proficy data (a collection of Proficy values) to create a PIValues collection.


So, based on this I have a couple of questions: Are we doing this the right way? Is there a better / more efficient / quicker way to backfill Proficy data into PI?