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Cannot connect using OLEDB Enterprise to AF, can connect using anything else

Discussion created by Roger Palmen on Feb 5, 2013
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Hi all,


First of all, i know my setup is outside of any recommended setup. But i'm clueless as to what causes my problem and that nags me, so maybe you have any thoughts on where to look.




My situation:

  • I have a VM that runs the entire OSIsoft stack (PI, AF). The VM is running Win2008 server, and has no Active Directory. All users are local users. The VM is running in bridged mode on my host.
  • I access the PI stack in the VM from my VM host OS. My host is part of a domain, but using a 'mirror account' (same username & password in the VM) i can access the PI server using windows integrated security.
  • When using any PI client (e.g. DataLink, OLEDB, PI System Explorer, CoreSight, SharePoint) i can access both the PI Server, and PI AF. When using the PI SQL Commander, i can access the PI Server without problems to run any query against the PI tag database. That uses windows integrated security.

My problem:
  • When i use the PI SQL Commander to try and connect to the AF server, i get a connection failure. Same windows integrated security as when connection to the PI Server.
I just cannot understand why e.g. i can connect using PSE, but not using PSC.