PI Webparts : ServiceLocator.Current is not supported. Use SharePoint.ServiceLocator.Current Instead.

Discussion created by JaisonRodrigues Champion on Feb 18, 2013

Hi All,


I have developed a Custom Data Reference in PI AF to retrieve data through a WCF Service. The plug works fine and retrieves the desired values into PI AF.


To display this data in a SharePoint Portal, I am using PI Webparts 2010 (v preferably PI Trend and PI Graphic Webparts. I am pointing to the PI AF Attribute in the PI Trend and in PI Graphic, I display a SVG which was created and also points to the PI AF Attributes.


But in PI Webparts I am getting an error message "ServiceLocator.Current is not supported. Use SharePoint.ServiceLocator.Current Instead." instead of values.  The error messages in the webparts show "Empty response received by webservice client". (attached screenshot) The SharePoint has access to the PI AF server and also trusts are created on the default PI Server. I have installed PI AF Client on the SharePoint Server which points to the same PI AF server and I am able to retrieve the values.


If anybody has encountered this error and resolved it, please let me know.




Jaison Rodrigues