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    Processbook 3.2 Layers, vba and ActiveX Controls


      I am just a beginner with Processbook.  I have some experience with VBA, but not a programmer by any means.


      I am using layers on my Display to show and hide things under certain circumstances.  I am using values, labels, combo boxes (activex forms 2.0) and text boxes (activex, forms 2.0).


      The problem I have is even though I have the ActiveX controls set as part of the Layer, they do not respond to the .visible setting of the layer.  I can set the layer to .visible = false and all the values and labels disappear, but the activex controls stay.  I then have to set the .visible = false to each one of the activex control individually.


      Is this to be expected?  I expect ActiveX controls do not know about the layers...as they seem to display on top of everything no matter what layer I have them on.