Hold an interface value before it enters the Snapshot

Discussion created by tschnoor on Feb 20, 2013
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First off, my question is the result of an issue I'm having with trying to make a simple conversion on a point value coming from an FTLD interface.  The reason for the conversion is that the point value coming from the data source is an integer value (for example, if the value is a temperature of 89.67 degrees, the data source will send over a value of 89670) and we want it to be translated in to PI as a float.  I know that it's easy to do a conversion on a value coming from an OPC interface by using the "totalcode", "conversionfactor", etc... tag attributes but I'm not able to do this with other interfaces.  I also know that I could easily create PE tags that do the conversion but that seems like a waste of tag space considering I'm not interested in the unconverted values.  So, my question is, is it possible to stop or hold an interface value before it enters the Snapshot/Archive, do the conversion on the point value(s) and push that value to PI?  If it's not possible to hold an interface value, does anyone know of any other way to do this?  


Any feedback on this would be helpful.




Tom Schnoor