Suppressing dialogs when opening a Processbook Display

Discussion created by andrew_Inwood on Feb 20, 2013
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This is somewhat related to this thread:


I have a C# application that I am using the batch files, and turning on Macro Protection works with respect to preventing VBA code running.  However, I have another problem.  In some of the files I am opening, there are other errors or issues.  For example, one set of files uses PI DataSets that actually read from Access Databases.  If these datasets aren't configured properly (many aren't!), then when the display is opened, the user is presented with a dialog to select the correct database. 


Is there any means of supressing this?


What I have found is that if I open the file manually, I get this alert.  I hit "Cancel", and get a message "No data to display".  If I then close the display and re-open it, I DON'T get the message.  This gives me hope that there is some sort of application setting that controls this behaviour.  The setting is  not a persistant one, as it only works provided that I don't close the ProcessBook application before reopning the display. 


Anyone know what I can do to address this?