AF - RDA and Filter Summaries

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Dear Vcampus,

"Filter Tag" is a attribute on the same level as the "main attribute"




summary = attribute.Data.FilteredSummaries(timeRange, interval, 

".FilterTag > 0"AFSummaryTypes.Average, calculationBasis, AFSampleType.ExpressionRecordedValues, AFTimeSpan.Zero, AFTimestampCalculation.Auto);



We get the following error:
Exception:Thrown: "[-12301] Performance Equation parsing error" (OSIsoft.PI.Net.PIException) A OSIsoft.PI.Net.PIException was thrown: "[-12301] Performance Equation parsing error"
 only information in the documentation is:
Type: System..::..String A string containing a filter expression. Expression variables are relative to the attribute. Use '.' to reference the containing attribute.