Hiding empty webparts based on producing treeview outputs

Discussion created by s.grainger on Feb 21, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2013 by Asle Frantzen

We are trying to configure a SharePoint page so that if an element in the PI TreeView hierarchy does not pass reference information to consuming PI WebParts on a page, those web parts display as hidden.  What sort of output is produced from the PI TreeView that can be used?  Would this be easier to try and read a setting/flag within the other web parts themselves?  Has anyone else ever done a similar edit/modification to their SharePoint sites?




We have a PI TreeView web part displaying a hierarchy with 2 elements.  Both elements have the same pair of graphic reference attributes but element 1 only has one reference value while element 2 has both references with values.


The page has 2 PI Graphic web parts, each linked respectively to the attributes from the PI TreeView elements.


When element 1 is selected only the PI Graphic with a reference is displayed and is populated, but when element 2 is selected both the PI Graphic web parts become visible and are populated.




Thank you in advance.