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    PI system adoption rate metrics


      In order to communicate better with our business partners and executive team, I have been asked by our management to develop metrics to track users adaptation of the PI system at our company.  Has anyone done anything like this in your organization?  I was planning on using Coresight user’s reports as one and possibly system tag counts at each plant as another, but am struggling beyond that point.  Any suggestions?  

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          Hi Scott,


          You would probably get a lot of visibility out of simply seeing who is connecting to the system, how often, for how long, amount of data consumed, ...  For example, you can simply interrogate the PI Message Logs of the PI System in question and filter out just the connection information, let's say on a monthly basis but you could do as frequently as possible.  You would then be able to run some further simple filtering to see a distinct list of users or applications within a given period.   See what were the most frequently used connections, the largest data consumers, ... you get the idea.  This would be the starting point for me (and what I have done in the past via a custom PI SDK app).  Luckily you could use something like the PowerShell Tools for the PI System to easily run those reports.  It gets even better, there is a PowerShell forum on vCampus that you could get the kind members of the community to help you build an example script 


          Once you have the list of applications you could start to look how you further report on the usage of those applications.