OLEDB upgrade causes change in number precision output

Discussion created by flanapa_wipro on Feb 26, 2013
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After a sequence of upgrades and migrations we have the following symptoms.


With PI-OLEDB version numeric outputs were padded or chopped to give fixed width output.  eg. 12.3456789 becomes 12.3456 (7 chars) 12.34 becomes 12.3400 (7 chars)


With PI-OLEDB version no padding or chopping 12.3456789 is written as 12.3456789 and 12.34 stays as 12.34


Is there some setting or config in the new PI-OLEDB which will allow output to be padded like above?


The code used to produce the outputs is from a 3rd party and we are told that it does no padding or chopping of its own.


Any ideas?