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    Can't see AFEnumeration attribute in ProcessBook

    Rick Davin

      I don't use PB very much but was surprised that I can't display an AF attribute with a type of AFEnumeration set.  I am using AF client and tested it against PB 3.2 and later  We can see it on a PDI that is rendered via web services, but it shows as blank when rendered in PB natively.  I've tested this on different PDI displays on different hosts.

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          Hello Rick,


          There are actually 2 ways to show data from AF Attributes in Process Book: AF2 (Attribute) and Element Relative Display. The latter is similar to Module Relative Displays you may know from earlier experiences with ProcessBook already.


          To configure an AF2 Element with a ProcessBook symbol, please select the down arrow beneath the "Tag Search" button, select "AF2" and use the dialog to select attribute(s) you would like to use within your display.


          For the usage of an Element Relative Display (ERD), please choose "Element Relative Display" from "View" menu first and select the AF structure you would like the user to use for browsing through the Elements. Than, place a ProcessBook symbol on your display, select the down arrow besides "Tag Search", select "Element Relative" and choose the attribute(s) to show.