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    The OPC SERVER takes too long to retrieve data


      1325.error.jpgHi there,


            I have a Piopc interface collecting data from a Honeywell experion OPCSERVER. when i  restart the interface on the PIOPC interface it takes 15 minutes to start collecting data.


      I have only 800 tags which is distributed among 5 scan class . I have cleaned up all the tags which had io input errors,  The Honeywell OPCserver has been checkpoint everyday automaticall .Can I please get some help


      see screen shot below





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          Hello Prem,


          Please open a ticket at OSIsoft TechSupport for your issue with PI Interface for OPC DA.

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              Hi George,


                       i have opened a call already for this 462195, but somehow i am not able to get this sorted out.

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                  Hello Prem,


                  For sure it is possible that someone from the vCampus community has made similar experiences with Honeywell OPC Server and PI Interface for OPC DA and can provide you with some guidance. Besides OSIsoft TechSupport is the correct instance to support you with this issue for several reasons. vCampus license doesn't include PI Interface for OPC DA. Hence I conclude you are facing issues with a productive PI System. TechSupport staff is trained, has the tools and is organized to deliver optimal support for issues like the one you are facing.


                  I took a brief look into call # 462195. The DCOM issues you were initially facing have been sorted out. You had 3 remote sessions with 3 different TechSupport engineers. I have been working in TechSupport for many years before joining vCampus recently. Please allow me to mention that it is always difficult jumping into and picking up the pace with a call that has been worked on by a colleague. Therefore please consider working with a dedicated TechSupport Engineer (TSE) whenever possible. Please also consider asking the TSE to send you a summary of the remote session by email. This makes it easier for you to continue. 


                  About one year ago escalation procedures have been optimized. Experienced TSE's act as general mentors. The next escalation level is the corresponding product specialist team that is working closely together with development. My experience is that this construct is very effective but it requires the TSE you are working with has a good understanding of your issue. It's also expected that some basic product specific things have been sorted out by TSE's.


                  With PI Interface for OPC DA this includes the attempt of spreading tags across scan classes to achieve some kind of load balancing and to switch between polled and advise mode. There exist many different OPC Servers that behave different even they follow OPC Standards.



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                We experienced similar problem when trying to retrieve data from Honeywell Experion OPC server , using PI OPC Client.


                few minutes after starting the interface, some of the HIS (Human interface) for the DCS operators experienced "blank screen" that scared them very much, so we postponed the interfacing til we figure out the cause.


                Honeywell recommended us to add PHD collector and retrieve data from the PHD 's OPC server instead from DCS opc server.


                Anybody here have any idea how solve this ?