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    [-15024] Generic Duplicate Name exception


      Hi, while I'm trying to debug ACE Module, I receive the following exception - Unable to retrieve PIModule for ACE Class Library ... from server ...: Failed to add item to server database. [-15024] Generic Duplicate Name. 

      Could anyone please tell me what the cause for this exceptions might be?

      Best Regards 

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          A potential reason for this error is lack of permissions on your PI Server. Is there a trust or mapping for your PI ACE Server on your PI Server? Can you confirm the trust or mapping being properly granted in PI Server logs? Sometimes internal network changes causes existing trusts stop working.

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              Hi Ahmad, thank you for your quick reply! Actually i have trust configured and it seems it is ok. But could you please tell me in which log file to look for confirmation that the trust is properly granted (and what kind of message to look for)? The same module which i'm trying to debug is actialy working (writting data), so probably the trust is ok. Also i recently restored a server from backup. Is it possible that somewhere some old information for the modules in modile Db is left and because of that to receive this message (although i clearly have only one module with that name)?

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                  Hello Varban,


                  You need to check the PI Servers log for messages from PI Base Subsystem. This can either be done using the Message Logs plug-in of PI System Management Tools (PI SMT -> Operation -> Message Logs) or using pigetmsg.exe command like follows:


                  - open a command prompt


                  - navigate to the adm subfolder of the PI Server home (cd /d %piserver%\adm)


                  - to i.e. retrieve messages from PI Bases for the past 5 minutes use the following command: pigetmsg -st *-5m -et * -source pibasess


                  The message you are looking for looks as follows:


                  01-Mar-13 11:00:29 pibasess Trust <PISDKUtility.exe_127> Granted to: <DOMAIN>\<User>|<HostName>|<IP address>|<ApplicationName> (0)


                  Alternatively you can check with the Network Manager plug-in for PI System Management Tools (PI SMT -> Operation -> Network Manager Statistics) for the active connections. 


                  Please note that the trusted user needs access to "PI Modules" Database and the Module itself. Both can be verified using PI System Management Tools. For the first, go to PI SMT -> Security -> Database Security and verify the trusted user has read and write access to "PI Modules". 


                  For the security on the Modules in MDB it depends if you are using a Module and refer aliases within your ACE Module configuration or if you are referring PI Tags directly. If the first is how it is set up, go to PI SMT -> Operation -> Module Database and navigate to the Module used. Right click on the Module and select "Edit". The dialog that opens allows you setting up the security for this particular Module. Please ensure the trusted user has read access.


                  PI ACE is using PI Module Database to control ACE Modules. Because of this the trusted user needs read and write access to the corresponding Module(s). Use PI SMT -> Operation -> Module Database and navigate to %OSI\ACEClassLibraries and verify the security on the sub modules (right click -> Edit).


                  If this doesn't help, please open a ticket at OSIsoft TechSupport.