AF 2012, .NET 4 and PI WebParts

Discussion created by Bannikov on Mar 1, 2013
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Hello All!


I've just developed my first AF 2012 plugin using RDA (so it must be .NET 4, isn't it?). I really need RDA (and these possibilites that it offer to me is very useful). So what I've got:


1. My plug-in was registered on AF Server 2012


2. My plug-in works in AF Explorer


3. After some tricks ( ProcessBook is able to work with my plug-in


4. PI WebParts cannot load my plug-in (because they are .NET 2.x, aren't they?)


So my question is - what can be done right now (with current version of product). I've an important project, so I sould device - if I should rewrite my plug-in (and even a part of model) or I can deal with this problem and win. Help me please, it's readlly very important for us...